onsdag 9. mai 2007


Today, I'm wirting my blog in English. I haven't been writing English for about two years, so there will probably be quite a lot of wrong spelling and bad grammar. Anyway, I have to practise, because I maybe soon have to face an English oral exam.

This Wednesday I basically have done two things: worked with numbers (I have a 3MX- test tomorrow) and been silent. For 24 hours I'm not going to say a single word. Right now, I have 16,5 more hours left I have to live in silence. I also walked backwards the whole schoolday. That was ok, but a bit difficult in stairs and downhills.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend, and there are may reasons for that.
1. Balejazz, a great jazzfestival here in Balestrand
2. Ragnhild Sofie is coming to visit Sygna, and I miss her very much
3. Lots of other friends are coming to Balestrand
4. It's weekend.. No school

By the way, yesterday I talked German for about 6 hours, and I walked 5,2 km backwards. That was a quite weird day.

Now I'm going to write a bit in my mathbook, watch an episode of One tree hill and go to bed.

I hope I don't have to go through an English oral exam. I'm not so good at this.

I can't post without a picture, so here is a picture of how I feel today after about 7 hours alone with my calculator and mathbook:

In the background on my wall you can see the periodic table of the elements. One day I'll know it by heart. Yes, I'm a geek.